Additional Services

Monitoring and Research

There is a great deal of preparation before a bill is introduced to a governmental body.  Our team knows exactly where to begin.  

We will research similar legislation and initiatives in other arenas and discuss the various issues with both proponents on behalf of, and against, the project before drafting the bill in order to create the best possible outcome.

Legislative Events

Here are a few examples of events we plan for clients: 

  • Organize events with legislators and staff
  • Legislative Days at the Capitol for members or employees
  • Capitol tours
  • One on one meetings with Legislators
  • Conventions or trade shows

State Regulations

State regulations are rules promulgated by state agencies. These rules are submitted for review to the state legislature, and often a hearing is not held; we track these rules to make sure your business is not hindered or slowed by unnecessary red tape.

Funding and Procurement

Our team has extensive experience in state and local procurement and budgeting.  Our wide-ranging knowledge will provide you the expertise needed to immediately compete for contracts.


We will outline the “do’s” and “don’ts” of communicating with legislators and how to implement an effective grassroots campaign.

We will help you build an effective grassroots organizations and mobilize your members and/or employees to help educate legislators about the impact of a particular bill, or rule, on your behalf.

Additional Services

We are always looking to expand our public affairs services based on client ideas. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have ideas for additional projects not listed on our website.

  • International affairs, trade, and coalition building
  • Federal grant opportunities
  • Local government services 
  • Fundraising planning and banquets